Aquaman 2 Reportedly in Big Trouble After Terrible Test Screenings

Multiple reports confirm that Aquaman 2’s new test screenings are performing exceptionally, according to multiple reports

After reports of poor performance at test screenings, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom superhero film is under scrutiny

Fans have been eagerly awaiting Jason Momoa’s sequel, Aquaman, and the Lost Kingdom. However, multiple reports confirm that test screenings were poor.

Big Screen Leaks and Jeff Sneider, a film critic, confirmed a ViewerAnon report that Aquaman had held half a dozen tests screenings. The results were bleak for the James Wan-directed movie. Big Screen Leaks claims that the studio deliberately avoided answering questions regarding the DCU movie, citing “test screenings for the film have not been great,” and also claimed to have heard “something that rarely happened during test screenings with this movie.” Sneider continued with his quips, stating that Jason Momoa is rumored to be joining a Lobo live-action project.

The reports on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom were alarming given months of reports about plans for the Aquaman movie franchise. There have been rumors that Momoa would play Lobo in DCU. This is not counting Amber Heard, the Mera actor, who returned to the film after the scandalous details of Johnny Depp’s defamation trial. Momoa has been teasing a dream project that he is working on at DC Studios since last November after meeting with Peter Safran and James Gunn, his co-CEOs. Although he has not confirmed that he will play Lobo yet, Momoa is a huge fan of the DC Comics bounty hunter. Momoa has reaffirmed his love for Aquaman but he has indicated multiple times that he is interested in other roles within DCU.

Sneider referred to the original Aquaman movie as “awful” – a sentiment many critics shared after the film’s 2018 release. Although Momoa and Wan were both praised for their efforts, many critics criticized the movie’s plot and dialogue. Despite these concerns, Aquaman was a huge box-office hit, earning $1.149 Billion worldwide on a budget of as high as $200 M. In January, Momoa spoke with Gunn and Safran about the character’s future. He expressed optimism. “I feel really good. He said Aquaman isn’t going anywhere so it’s all good. “Everything’s going to be fine, we’re still here, and then I might be diving into some other items too.”

Is Aquaman a Fit for the DCU?

Aquaman & the Lost Kingdom are released during major changes at DC Studios. This is after Gunn and Safran arrived last October. There was also a new movie and TV slate, as well as the cancellation of Wonder Woman3 and the decision not to continue featuring Henry Cavill playing Superman. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom had to fight before Gunn and Safran arrived. This was due to Warner Bros. reducing Wan’s reshooting budget in an effort to cut expenses during restructuring. According to reports, Wan was forced to reduce the budget while filming the movie which cost $205 million.

The Aquaman sequel also stars Amber Heard and Willem Dafoe. Nicole Kidman is also in the film. It has been discussed which Batman would appear in The Lost Kingdom. Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck have been linked. Reports suggest that Affleck could be cut from the film. This is an interesting possibility considering Affleck won’t play Batman after his confirmed appearance at The Flash. Gunn has been suggested to direct a DCU movie. However, Jason Momoa’s future is uncertain as Aquaman’s.

Aquaman opens in theaters on Dec. 25, while the Lost Kingdom opens on December 25.

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