OPM May Set Up a Love Triangle Between Saitama, Tornado, and Blizzard

One-Punch Man Hints At Changes In Saitama’s and Tornado’s Relationship

Tornado’s rage continues in One-Punch Man. The fight seems to be driving Saitama’s relationship in an interesting direction.

This article contains spoilers for One Punch Man Chapter 175, “Eye Witnesses”, by One, Yusuke Murat, John Werry, and James Gaubatz.

Recent developments have caught One Punch Man fans off-guard. Fans can still feel the excitement from the action-packed matches even though the series has moved on from its epic “Monster Association”. The franchise has introduced Tsukuyomi as the next big evil group in the series. However, the franchise seems to be laying the foundations for a love triangle with Saitama, the Psychic Sisters Blizzard, and Tornado. Chapter 177 is full of interesting developments between Saitama’s and Tornado’s relationships.

Tornado and Blizzard discover that Tsukuyomi has been on the hunt for former Monster Association executive Pyschos. They devise a plan to free the psychic from confinement. The only reason Saitama is included in the equation is that Blizzard meets him while on her way to her new headquarters. eventually, Tsukuyomi clashes with Tornado, leading to the latter’s defeat. Tornado’s fury is not contained. She turns her attention to Blizzard Bunch members for allowing a spy into their ranks. Just as she is about to give them a taste, Saitama intervenes.

Terrible Tornado Unleashes her Terrible Powers on Saitama

Saitama sees how Tornado’s destructive rampage is destroying the headquarters and grabs Tornado and takes her outside. However, this doesn’t make Tornado anger and listenable. It makes Tornado’s psychic angrier. Realizing that her bald hero hasn’t given up, she throws Saitama into a whirlwind, even slamming him to the floor, but the latter’s grip is still tight. Saitama guarantees Tornado that she will not run away if she only allows her to go after Tornado.

Tornado continued to rage after he let her go. She then flicks Saitama’s forehead and sends him flying. Then she summons her trademark tornado and throws huge rocks at Bald Cape. He deflects the rocks easily using Saitama’s tremendous strength. However, Tornado continues to bombard him with debris, and Saitama is losing his temper. He continues to laugh at the psychic, but he doesn’t fight back.

Terrible Tornado Did It All Wrong, but She Seems To Be Enjoying The Fight

Although Tornado is annoyed by Saitama holding Tornado, the No. The main problem for 2 Hero is the Bald Cape and her sister. She believes that Saitama is in a relationship with Blizzard. She even asks him if it is because he doesn’t want to let her go of his wrist. However, this is not true. Saitama views Blizzard only as an acquaintance. He doesn’t consider her a friend. However, the oblivious Tornado will not stop fighting for what she believes.

Tornado is a rage-filled, barrage of-attacks character. Despite not being known for her expressiveness, she does let some of her emotions go. Because Tornado is the most powerful character in the One Punch Man universe there are very few characters that can stop her. In this regard, she is very similar to Saitama. She seems to enjoy fighting with the bald hero more and more. The exchange of insults between them seems like a five-year-old fight. It’s not surprising that the fight ended with the pair becoming best friends. They are now more like best friends than romantic partners at this point. However, future developments will be able to determine where their relationship is headed.

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