Naruto: Madara’s Reanimation Is the Biggest Plot Hole

Naruto has many plot holes. Madara’s escape from reanimation, however, is the largest.

Naruto has many plot holes throughout the story, despite it being a classic in shonen. Madara Uchiha — this villain is perhaps the most notable. While some admire his strength, others find it hard to believe that he was capable of manipulating thousands into murdering for the greater good. Masashikimoto created Madara to be played by Zetsu. While this is confusing, the plot to cast Infinite Tsukuyomi was riddled with so many logical contradictions that his reasoning suddenly stopped making sense.

It would have made much more sense to cast Madara as a villain intent on devastating the world. Regardless of their motivation, the series is known for giving villains a tragic backstory to win the sympathy of viewers. Despite the numerous problems this character has, not to mention the fact that they weren’t the series’ final villains, his reanimation was even more absurd. It could be the biggest hole in the series.

What is the Secret to Madara’s Resurrection from the Dead?

Kabuto Yamashi performed a forbidden Jutsu on Madara to revive her and thousands of other fallen Shinobi. His strength was overwhelming even in a reanimated corpse. Even the entire Shinobi army could not compete with him. Madara forced Obito and brought him back to life by forcing him to do the Rinne Remath Jutsu. He not only regained his body but also got back his Rinnegan. This made him the most formidable enemy of all in the war zone. The Five Kages together could not take down the strongest Uchiha of all time.

What Was the Problem with the Plot Hole?

All the characters who died are reanimated using a forbidden Jutsu. Their reanimated bodies are the same as their originals. Madara was more than 100 years old when he died. He was however reanimated with the body and mind of his younger self (roughly, his 30s). He was then restored to strength and power. Madara also saw the same Rinnegan eye which he had just before his death.

Madara could have been revived in an old body, but he couldn’t have caused such destruction. To make the villain appear more intimidating, he had his body changed to that of a young boy. This strange phenomenon is not explained in the series so it can be considered a plot hole.

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