God of War Ragnarök: What New Game Plus Should Add to the Game

Here’s what gamers want to see in God of War Ragnarok’s New Game Plus mode.

God of War Ragnarok was released on November 20,22 to great reviews. It quickly earned a Game of the Year nomination from the Game Awards. According to a recent poll by PlayStation, the sequel to 2018’s God of War reboot was voted the best PS5 title to date. The emotional storytelling and combat of Ragnarok continue to amaze the gaming community. Players have eagerly awaited the release of a New Game+ mode that will take them on a Norse adventure.

Sony Santa Monica has not yet revealed any details about Ragnarok’s NG+. It is possible to draw several conclusions by looking at the God of War changes made by its NG+ mode. Although some features are expected and are common, there are still many highly-requested upgrades players want to see in Ragnarok via its NG+.

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Cosmetics and armor are a sought-after feature

As many players love to customize Kratos or Atreus’s armor, the most popular feature of God of War Ragnarok‘s new NG+ is the addition of cosmetics and armor. Fans can expect this addition to Ragnarok. Kratos received three new armor sets from God of War along with three cosmetics for Atreus.

The elusive fur cloak Kratos wears at the start of Ragnarok is perhaps the most requested cosmetic item by cosmetic players. Sony Santa Monica is likely to include this item in the update, as players have spoken out about it.

The Story would be complete with new quests

The main story is what makes the game so memorable, but God of War Ragnarok side-quests are equally as memorable. They are more than just a departure from the story. They help to develop many of Ragnarok’s characters and the game’s world. An NG+ could add more quests to the game. This would be a huge bonus for players as Ragnarok‘s side-quests have been compared to ‘s.

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Additional Berserker Gravestones and Trials at Muspelheim Would Provide New Challenges

Similar to God of War’s Valkyrie, Ragnarok’s Berserker Gravestones present formidable foes and can prove difficult for even experienced players. These gravestones can be touched to summon powerful Berserkers, which drop special loot after they are defeated. The addition of more Berserker Gravestones will not only bring new challenges, but it will also allow Ragnarok to add new armor and cosmetics to the game.

The Berserker Gravestones don’t pose the most difficult challenge in the game. However, the Muspelheim Arena hosts some of Ragnarok‘s most formidable enemies. Modifiers are available for each of the Muspelheim Trials, which offer a range of challenges that players can overcome. A new set of Muspelheim Trials in NG+ will continue to offer players the God of War experience they long for.

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Additional Enhancement of Gear would help players overcome higher difficulties

The God of War added NG+ higher difficulties. This consisted of modifiable elements that increased the difficulty and behavior of the enemies. This feature will be added to Ragnarok’s new NG+. It would greatly benefit players to be able to upgrade their gear beyond the Tier 9 limit. Although Sony Santa Monica might think this is counterproductive, God of War Ragnarok already presents a difficulty, so having the ability to upgrade gear is an important feature.

The development of new skills would encourage the creation of new playstyles

God of War Ragnarok has skill trees for all its weapons, including the Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos. Freya is considered a companion but not a weapon. It is relatively easy for players to unlock and improve every skill in the game, and still have a lot of experience that doesn’t serve any purpose. Players would have the chance to use that experience in new ways if they had access to the game’s NG+.

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