One Piece’s Initial Chapter Features a Key Detail That Contradicts Later Storylines

One Piece is a manga with a long history. However, the first chapter of One Piece doesn’t seem to add up.

Many of the fans of the award-winning manga and anime series One Piece will claim that the franchise’s storytelling and plot structure is exceptional, even flawless. One Piece‘s creative genius Eiichiro Oda has a talent for inserting foreshadowing. While also expanding the world and lore of the franchise, Fans have predicted many plot developments within the series. Many may assume that Oda can figure out the entire series. Oda is a highly skilled mangaka. But that doesn’t mean his creation is perfect. Retrospectively, some events in Oda’s manga’s first chapters don’t make any sense.

One Piece, alongside other classics like Bleach and Naruto, was first published in July 1997. Although the popularity of those other franchises is increasing, One Piece still holds the crown. Eiichiro Oda has continued to publish new chapters for the last two decades and is still doing so. The manga has already reached the milestone of 1000 chapters, and its anime counterpart has done the same. The series has been improving on many levels, from its story and art, over this long time. One Piecenow does not look the same, however, as one Piece when its first edition.


The Long Saga Begins with a Boy Wanting to Sail

One Pieceliterally opens by telling Luffy his backstory. Luffy had been exposed as a child to pirates. Luffy was determined to travel with the pirates across the seas. Shanks rejected his request every time. Luffy eventually had to make a stabbing attempt at his lower eye to prove that he was tough. Needless to mention, both his pain and effort proved futile. The Red Hair Pirates weren’t able to maintain any weight at that point. They looked like a bunch full of party-loving scallywags.

This was confirmed when Higuma the leader of mountain bandits and his gang asked Makino for booze. Makino couldn’t supply Makino because the pirates were already through all the bar’s liquor. Shanks had offered the last glass to the bandit. Higuma slapped Shanks on the head, and then covered the pirate in booze. Red Hair Pirates laughed off the incident when the bandits left. The problem is what followed.


Shanks Was Amazing But Not Great

Higuma had been to the bar before Shanks returned. Shanks was with the Red Hair Pirates. They were already planning to sail. Higuma requested to be served again, as he was at a pub. Makino agreed to serve him, but chaos ensued once Luffy decided it was time to fight Makino. Higuma mocked Shanks (and the others) for being cowards. Luffy then took it upon himself, to defend his friends’ pride. The fight escalated into an all-out brawl. Higuma even threatened Luffy with a sale to make way for his newfound abilities. That was when, the Red Hair Pirates, returned.

The bandits thought Shanks a no-one and advised him against meddling. One of them even pulled out a gun and pointed it at Shanks’ head. That was the moment when the Red Hair Pirates came to prominence. Lucky Roux took the bandit out of his life and Benn Beckman did the rest. Shanks then gave a speech on the effects of hurting friends. Higuma stood in fear before the pirates, after seeing what happened to his gang. Higuma wasn’t just going to surrender. Instead, he used an explosive smoke bomb to take Luffy hostage. Higuma kicked Luffy into the water after Luffy continued bothering him. It happened that the local sea creature came by. Shanks saved Higuma & Luffy just in time but at the cost of one arm.

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The Red Hair Pirates in All Their Entireness Look Bad in Retrospect

While Lucky Roux was undeniably a master of their feats, Benn and Shanks did a much better job managing the situation. Red Hair Pirates made a name for themselves at that time. Later, it is revealed that Mihawk and Lucky Roux are competitors in swordsmanship. The truth is that Mihawk has lost interest in Shanks since the latter had lost his left limb. It is therefore safe to conclude that Shanks’ power at the mountain bandit incident was the same as Mihawks. Mihawk being the Strongest swordsman, it’s safe to assume Shanks should not have been able Haki at that stage in time. This change changes the perception of the whole situation.

Shanks is known to be one of Haki’s strongest users. A coating of Color of Arms Haki on his left arm would have kept it from being severed. Shanks’ Color of Supreme Kings or Conquerors Haki could have already scared off the sea monster. Higuma’s smoke bomb could have been destroyed by Shanks’ Color of Observation Haki even before that. Shanks, or any Red Hair Pirates member, should be able to track down and stop the band from fleeing. Higuma is not much stronger than Alvida based on the bounties they received.

such oversight is not typical of Oda. The fandom is convinced that this development was made to make a greater impact on the audience. One Piece wasn’t even finished at the time. Therefore, it was crucial to reach as many readers and fans as possible. Only then would it be able to withstand the harsh worlds of weekly manga serialization? The first chapter in One Piece has a peculiar taste, but it still serves its purpose admirably. Its popularity is proof that this.

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