Pokémon Journeys Composer Confesses to Preying on Teenage Girls

The Pokemon Journeys: Hidekazu Tanaka, the Series composer, confesses to his charges of forcible indecency. He also details his other crimes.

A new development has been made in the ongoing legal action against Pokemon Adventures composer Hidekazu Tanahaka. The musician admits to his crimes of preying upon teenage girls.

According to Otaku USA Magazine, the composer was admitted at Tokyo District Court to perform several indecent acts. He confessed to trying to coerce a girl aged 15 into sleeping with him. He used “obscene language” to try to seduce her. Then he confessed to giving her money and said, “I’ll let you have it, so why wouldn’t I?” Before grabbing her. After she contacted authorities, police reported that Tanaka was seen following the girl in security footage. Tanaka responded to her crimes by saying he liked her appearance and face.

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The Composer Attributes Work Stress to His Actions

Tanaka continued his confession, discussing how he preyed upon more than one girl. He said he had “spied on women many times”, taken lewd photos of his skirts, and even exposed himself at Yurakucho Station. He claimed that he was curious about whether the police would catch him and that he had a “thrill” in knowing if they would. He was taken into custody and charged with attempted forcible imprudence on Oct. 24, 2013.

The 35-year-old has been a successful artist in anime. He composed the second and fourth opening themes songs for Pokemon Journeys. He also composed the opening theme song for UzakiChan Wants to Hang Out!, titled ‘Ichigo Ichie celebration.’ He has also worked on Aikatsu! and Idoly Pride. The Side.

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Anime Franchises Are Separated from the Disgraced Composer

Pokemon Journeys has retracted’s name from the credits as a result. The song’s release date has been canceled by the vocal artists for UzakiChan’s “Ichigo Ichie Celebration”, the virtual YouTuber Kano and Naomi Ozora (the voice of the titular character), respectively. Kano’s official website said that the sales of the song had stopped due to “various reasons”. Momo Asakura, the voice actor, has now removed “Day and Night Dream”, which Tanaka composed and arranged, from her tour setlist.

Other developments, including the legal sentence, are expected to be made in this case.

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