Demon Slayer’s Hashira: How They Overcome a Major Challenge of Being Heroes

Even the most elite Hashira don’t take their strength for granted and will not fall to Muzan’s upper Moons because of their tragic hubris or excessive confidence.

Demon Slayer is an action-packed shonen anime with several familiar themes and elements to it which stem from the “monster hunter” concept that it shares with Jujutsu Kaisenand Chainsaw Manto the concept of having a small, elite corps for the heroes and villains. Demon Slayer is like in many ways Bleach’s 13 Soul Reaper captains or the top 10 heroes of My Hero Academia. However, there is one major difference.

The Hashira is the most powerful demon slayer in the corp. They’re revered and respected as the only hope for humanity against the devil. The nine Hashira, the elite demon slayers are humble and self-aware. The Soul Reapers and pro-heroes were too content in their worlds and paid a hefty price.

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What is the reason the Hashira Keep Theirself Humiliated?

The nine Hashira, whether or whether their boss Kaguya Ubuyashiki was supportive have a humble and sensible mindset, as their company’s top warriors. Though they are full of pride in their impressive skills and experience the Hashira appear to be extremely down to earth when compared with other elites of anime. They keep themselves honest since they recognize that they are considered to be the weakest in the constant battle with Muzan and the Moons of the Upper and hubris is the last thing they need.

The Hashira will further be affected by pride, arrogance, complacency, and insecurity. They also have to deal with daily reminders about their fragility as humans. Many demon slayers are young even the most talented and skilled ones, which is evident in the way the corps has been accepting 15-year-olds like Tanjiro to its ranks. While they can hunt demons using their Nichirin swords, and the Hashira are more powerful prey Demon Slayers will still be prey. Kyojurorengoku, for example, can easily defeat ordinary demonic foes, but he lost his life-fighting Akaza. TengenUzui, the ninja was seriously injured during the fight with Gyutaro. Obanai Iguro is the serpent Hashira. was somewhat concerned but not surprised or alarmed that after the win of Tengen, there were two holes in the Hashiras’ ranks.

The Hashira have struck a balance between self-confidence and the humble awareness that they’re at almost the same risk of dying in combat as other demon slayers are, all without succumbing to fear or despair. It’s a remarkable feat that has the Hashira being grimly conscious of their human fragility and low survival rate while helping Tanjiro’s troops with their power and prestige as shonen-style instructors. It’s not difficult for the most powerful heroes to think they’re invincible and become too comfortable with peace and victory. But not the Hashira. If they don’t get wiped out first and then, they’re in an excellent position to take on Muzan and his minions by having a realistic and realistic appraisal of their power and might give them the advantage.

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The Soul Reapers & Pro Heroes have paid for Hubris

Even if the nine Hashira aren’t quite as powerful as their BleachCaptain predecessors, or their professional hero counterparts from My Hero Academia The Hashiras’ self-awareness as vulnerable, mortal human beings means that they won’t pick fights they cannot win, and they will never foolishly underestimate their enemies. The Soul Reapers from Bleach however, on their own, was very proud and complacent after having defeated the Quincy army several centuries ago. their Achilles ‘ heel.

Paradoxically, the Soul Reapers’ victory resulted in their greatest weakness in their ability to preserve the peace they had once struggled for so long to achieve. This is a key factor in Wandenreich’s remarkable success in the Thousand Year Blood War anime. It is only now that Soul Reapers finally awaken from their complacency and undergo shonen-style training. They paid for this lesson by sacrificing Yamamoto’s life and several other Captains.

The professional heroes of My Hero Academia faced a similar issue. In contrast to the humble Hashira, the pro heroes became too comfortable with being the dominant and uncontested supreme rulers of their world, and they greatly underestimated the size, quirks, and determination of the numerous criminals and outcasts who hated their heroes. This resulted in the Paranormal Liberation Front’s emergence — a villain army that, with Tomura Shigaraki at the helm could be able to destroy heroes for the good of society. Since they weren’t accustomed to actual challenges, the professional heroes were completely unprepared and many heroes have been killed or quit their jobs due to shame.

Such a thing would never occur in Demon Slayer‘s world in which the members of the demon slayers, from the raw novices to the Hashira and the Hashira, are reminded every day that they must be on Plus Ultra and go all out to even survive and even eliminate Japan of demon-kind once and for all.

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