REPORT: Avengers: Secret Wars May Be Split Into Two Films

Marvel is believed to be looking into the possibility of breaking up Avengers: Secret Wars into two films. One of them will be released in the upcoming phase 7.

Avengers Secret Wars could be delayed for Marvel fans. Marvel Studios is said to be discussing with the studio regarding breaking up the superhero film into two separate films. The second film would be delayed until the seventh phase.

Inside the Magic has claimed that credible insiders have informed that Marvel Studios is rethinking how to make Secret Wars. One option is to split the next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie into two films. If Marvel decides to go down this option, Secret Wars Part II and the conclusion of the Multiverse Saga will be delayed “a couple of years”. In February 2023 rumors were suggesting that Marvel Studios might make the coming blockbuster film into two parts. The rumors have been circulated on the internet since February 2023. Disney and Marvel Studios have yet to respond to these rumors. Avengers’ Secret Wars will debut in theaters on May 1st, 2026.

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Avengers Secret Wars was revealed during San Diego Comic-Con 2022. It is believed to be an immediate sequel to Avengers The Kang Dynasty. The plot details for the forthcoming Avengers sequels are being crafted. But, Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing an antagonist in the role of Doctor Strange in The Kang Dynasty. Strange is currently a major character in The Multiverse Saga. His most recent film, Doctor Strange, was set in the Multiverse of Madness and seems to establish the Secret Wars storyline. The 2022 end credits of the film discussed an imminent “incursion” which is a phrase that was borrowed from the 2015’s Secret Wars comic storyline. It’s used to refer to two worlds that are about to meet. Michael Waldron is the screenwriter for Avengers. Secret Wars.

Marvel is focused on quality and not the quantity

The initial three seasons of The Infinity Saga were well-received by both fans and critics however, Phase 4 was not so lucky. The film was met with mixed praise. Marvel Studios has reportedly been reviewing its slate, with a more pronounced focus on quality and less quantity following “internal criticism” regarding Phase 4. While it’s not known, Marvel Studios may be contemplating the possibility of splitting Avengers Secret Wars into two films, and possibly extending The Multiverse Saga through another phase. This move has already been a factor in Echo and Ironheart as and Agatha and the Coven of Chaos.

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Who will be the one to oversee secret conflicts?

Avengers Secret Wars currently does not have a director. Shang Chi director Destin Dan Cretton is currently serving as The Kang Dynasty director but isn’t required or expected to be the director of Secret Wars. Anthony and Joe Russo who directed Avengers and Avengers have not been likely to be considered to direct the sixth Avengers movie. Black Panther Wakanda Forever It was reported that Ryan Coogler had been employed in the latter part of 2022. But he denied the rumors, calling them “crazy”. Marvel is yet to reveal the name of the director who will be in charge of Secret Wars.

Avengers’ Secret Wars will be released in cinemas on May 1st, 2026.

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