One Piece: The Origins and Powers of Vega punk’s Seraphim

While the Seraphim are considered to be the most humane form in One Piece, what do they look like? And what do they have to offer humanity?

This article has spoilers for the One Piece Egghead Arc. It’s available in English on Viz Media.

One Piece has recently resolved the mystery of Dr. Vegapunk. The renowned genius behind the Marines’ technologically-advanced weaponry is quite infamous in the series, largely because his inventions enable the Marines to maintain their foothold against many powerful criminal forces. Vegapunk is constantly working to perfect his skills and develops high-powered weaponry. He also researches the past and how the world operates. To aid him in reaching the goals He designed six satellites. They’re not his most popular and significant invention. It’s the Seraphim.

Just recently, the Seraphim made their debut in the show. They represent the evolution of humanity and they are the most deadly killers that the World Government has available to them. They can out-compete their predecessors, including the Pacifista. They are the most convincing evidence of the genius of Vegapunk, showing that even the unimaginable is achievable. This brings up the question of what the Seraphim are and what their material is.

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The birth of the winged Killing Machines

The World Government’s purge of the Seven Warlords saw the first appearances of the Seraphim. In their efforts to take the former Warlord Boa Hancock and his son, the Marines have brought the SSnake (and SHawk) to Amazon Lily. The remaining Seraphim members were not present in the “Egghead Arc”, when Cipher Pol 0 arrived on the island. S-Bear was brought by Seraphim in the hopes to kill Vegapunk and his Satellites and then putting in the appearance of a delivery. S-Shark is introduced throughout the story. Edison one of Vega punk’s Satellites is pitting the Seraphim against Straw Hat Pirates to collect combat data.

There are only four Seraphim in the Seraphim series. However, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more. They look like the Warlords of the past, and many famous characters have been crowned with this title. While they have the same look, Seraphim appear younger than their older counterparts. They’re only just recently developed and don’t have any combat experience. This is the reason why Edison is opposed to the Straw Hat Pirates and S-Shark. This means that the Seraphim still has an extended way to go before they can reach their highest point.

RELATED: One Piece: Did Crocodile Deserve the Warlord title? What is the Seraphim composed of? They were the former Warlords and that’s the reason why the Seraphim look similar to their counterparts. They they are replicas of Warlords who were once in power exactly like Stussy is a clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy. The Seraphim are, however, not clones of their former self as the Warlords. Vegapunk also added additional important components to their system which increased their fighting power. The Seraphim are clones of the Warlords. They also possess the Lineage Factor, which is for the Lunarian Alber. Also called King of Beast Pirates, The Seraphim are flaming with flames on their backs, dark skin, and white hair. Seraphim also show an increase in their growth rate, making them appear as if they are children, even though they’re only two months old. Their blood isn’t the typical red blood found in other animals. The Seraphim also possess the Devil Fruit power of Paramecia Devil Fruits via their Green Blood. They also possess the same technology as Pacifistas. They are also able to fire laser beams with ease. Dr. Vegaspunk believes they are the most powerful form of humanity due to their many parts. This is because Seraphim is composed of many different elements which makes it costly and time-consuming to develop and maintain their existence. They are just a handful of them. Related: One piece could be very different had Shanks allowed Luffy joins his teamThe Seraphim have many abilities. It’s not just because the making of the Seraphim is challenging, but also because they’re the most advanced form of humankind. Since each is a unique combination of capabilities and combat abilities that are extraordinary. Lunarian genetics confers the most basic of these capabilities which is the body. Lunarians are famous for their endurance. King’s fight against Zoro in the “Wano Country Arc” is a great illustration. The Seraphim who carry Alber’s bloodline is adept at being impervious for short durations. So long as their flames are burning they are invulnerable to harm. It’s not just for entertainment that the Seraphim looks like Warlords. Every Seraphim has the exact combat abilities as the Warlord. S-Shark is a clone of Jimbei and is a master of Fish-Man Karate. S-Snake, which is a clone of Jimbei, is as smart as Boa Hancock when it comes to her appearance to entice her adversaries. The Seraphim, who are highly advanced Pacifistas have total control of laser beams and can utilize them to attack their foes.

The Green Blood is finally available. The Green Blood is a different invention of Vegapunk. It has the Lineage Factor that is derived from Paramecia Devil Fruit users. This gives the Seraphim the to gain certain Devil Fruit Powers, without the need to consume the Devil Fruit. Seraphim who have been designed on Devil Fruit users, S-Snake or S-Bear, have identical Devil Fruit powers. S-Shark, S’Hawk, and S’Shark can be granted Devil Fruit powers that are compatible with their combat abilities. S-Shark comes with Senor Pink’s Swim-Swim Food while S-Hawk is equipped with Mr. 1’s Dice-Dice fruits.

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